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Nordic Taste

A story with Olivia Bennett based on food from the Nordic world

Back in the Vineyard

Harvest season is upon us or Vendemmia as its known in Italian, so I have been back to the vineyard. Everyone is up at dawn to start picking and I was up to catch the beautiful light.

Habitat Autumn Winter 2016

Having shot these images in Spring it is so nice to see them again. I enjoy the ever changing and evolving of shooting for the same company several times a year and making every shoot feel different and new.


Shots styled by the ever clever Hannah Bort

Everybody loves the Sunshine

Creating a summer picnic outside for Source magazine whilst it's trying to snow is always a challenge, but we managed to pull it off between the flurries.

Food fashion and prop styling by the delightful and multi skilled Louie Waller.

Vini Vini Vini

High in the Tuscan Hills hides a spectacular vineyard, growing the finest grapes for the most delicious wines. I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph a year in the Vineyards life, at the moment we are halfway through and it has been glorious, looking forward to the next six months

The Keep

I was delighted to be invited to shoot a range of stories for the quality new magazine The Keep which is Made in Hay on Wye.

One of the best stories was The Potent Green a series of portraits of Nina Lyon the author of Uprooted, on the Trail of the Green Man. Captured here with and without the Green Man.

Tuscany Love

A good few years ago now Conde Nast Traveller sent me on a journey along the coast of Maremma, it began a love affair that has lasted. One of the most beautiful places I photographed was Castello di Vicarello, a breathtaking Tuscan Castle on the top of a mountain. A lasting friendship began and I have recently returned to photograph their new website.

website by the very very talented Mr.K

Last Supper

Shooting this for The Guardian every so often makes me very happy, Last Suppers of chefs and other creative people is a truly expressive piece of work. Creating the food and atmosphere of someone's last supper.

Below is the Supper of Andre Chiang, who would seek home-cooked food and the company of family in Taiwan.

Styled by the ever brilliant Graham Hollick, food by the very special chef Olia Hercules


A collaboration between the superbly talented artist Daisy Cook and Jaegar the fashion label, took me to the depths of East London, and to the tidiest artist studio I have ever encountered.

Habitat Spring Summer 2016

Twice yearly I shoot Habitat's new collection. It is such a joy, there are always so many fantastic pieces of furniture and always a new and exciting location to shoot in. As well as the pleasure of a  4'o clock disco.


These beautifully styled images were created by Hannah Bort.

and shot on location at

Big thanks to the quality assisting and dance moves of Thomas Gonsard.


A lovely commission from the ladies at Swoon, the first time a client has ever gone to bed on a shoot.


Styling by the lovely Hannah Bort

Special thanks to Andy Mackie and Alberto Romano for expert lighting and ladder climbing and Natalie Newton for taking such good care of us.

 London Calling

Punk flowers hand stitched and pinned by Graham Hollick for Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2015.

Last Bites

Another from The Guardian Series "Last Bites" A collection of images of the last suppers' of Chef's commissioned by the Guardian Cook, these appear weekly. It is an absolute joy to work on and a feast for the eyes and the belly.

Raymond Blanc last bite at Le Manoir

Prop Styling by the ever stylish Graham Hollick

Food Styling by the delicious Rhubarb and Rose

Commissioned by the delightful Anna Wilkins


My favourite salad for the summer has been Spicy Carrot, Beetroot and Pomegranate, a kick on any table

5 Carrots and 3 Beetroots Peeled and Grated

Half a pomegranate

To deseed the pomegranate cut it in half and place the seed side facing down on a board and hit with a wooden spoon, the seeds will fall out and your kitchen will not be covered in little pink dots...

For the Dressing mix

5 tablespoons of olive oil

1 tablespoon of Harissa paste for those that like it spicy

1 tablespoon of honey

1heaped  teaspoon of Ras el Hanout

1 tablespoon of pomegranate molases

the juice of half an orange

A handful of Coriander chopped

A handful of Mint chopped

Pour the dressing over the grated carrots and beetroots, leave to marinade in the fridge for awhile,  add pomegranate seeds and herbs and its ready to serve. Is also very good with the addition of toasted pumpkin and sesame seeds or whatever you have to hand

It goes very well with harissa roast chicken and honey and harissa baked salmon


A trip to the local food market in Berlin and inspired by these glorious mushrooms, supper was served.

Lightly fried in olive oil and butter these Oyster Mushrooms were served with Tagliatelle Pasta and Hazelnut Pesto. The mushrooms don't smell amazing whilst cooking but they taste delicous

For the Hazelnut Pesto feeds 4

1 garlic clove, lightly crushed

Large handful of fresh Parsley, plus extra for serving

100g parmesan, roughly grated,

120ml extra-virgin olive oil

175g toasted hazelnuts

To make the pesto, put all the ingredients into a food processor with salt and pepper, then whizz until blended.